About me

Boris Nedosekov, born in 1974, after school graduated with honors from the Higher professional school (computer programmer), Tashkent electrotechnical Institute of communications (engineer for radio communications, radio broadcasting and television) and the professional management Program (Intensive MBA-type Business Courses). He worked in television (video engineer), the Ministry of defence (military service), student club (Director), foreign office (Deputy head of mission), in a trading firm (commercial Director),… But in the end, left old job and started your business.

I started to get interested in photography in 2005, and since 2011 I have left my previous job and completely devoted myself to photo projects. Participated in various local and international photo contests and exhibitions, 4 of which were personal. His works have been published in various print and online publications («Uzbekistan Airways», «Horizons of Central Asia», «Discovery Central Asia» and others). He has a successful experience in various genres of photography, but his favorites are wildlife (wildlife photography) and street (street photos).  Boris traveled to different regions of Uzbekistan for the purpose of photographing birds and animals. As a result of his work in 2012, the British publishing house Hertfordshire Press released a book-photo album «Birds of Uzbekistan».


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